Sunday, August 27, 2006

dogs in big city

welcome to the land of dogs
worse than the muckiest bogs
india's run over by stray dogs
i walk on the empty street,
my shadow is the only one besides my feet?
oh no, i c a huge dog fleet
barking , yelping and whooping
whelping, bithching and woofing
oh my dear life they're treatening!
do i luv my life or theirs?
menaka gandhi may like theirs,
but please if u like theirs,
go fcuk them 4 all i care
but please dont let them give me a scare
i dont hav enuf of a dare
to b around canines wild
iam just a mere child
use ne method wild or mild
but get them out of my sight
i dunno if iam in the light
but in my brain iam right!!!
My Mind- a free bird

my body cant fly high,
i give a big sigh
but my mind can soar
penetrate every door
unchained it flies,
like fukcing house-flies
the world may ban porn,
but i can c it sweeter than corn,
people may tie me up,
but as for my mind;just give up
a dragon?
am i pagan?
it matters not
its 2 big for a knot
many games do i play
evil monsters i may slay,
whatever i mayb , iam not good
iam like darth sidious under his hood
read all this and you all will be screwed

the 1 question that has haunted philosphers 4 how long i dunno , but quite long.

i truly believe that only what u can c and possibly c is real......
here see does not mean vision with eyes, it can b observation through nething.

if someone says ghosts exist but we can never interact with them, they dont exist 4 me,
"reality and truth is a function of the person."
so naturally shakespeare's famous quote is a special case of my statement (beauty lies in the i of the beholder..)
maybe the world is an illusion (maya) , or i mayb in a matrix whatever it is as long as i cant differenciate it is real