Friday, September 08, 2006

the game that changed my school life!
-Pen Fight

school life... i've heard a lot of ppl talking a lot of shit on it,
if ne students r reading this , beleive me its all false!
school life is was shit until from all of our frustrations evolved this amazing , popular but not famous game PEN FIGHT!
its quite amazing how this seems to hav developed in various parts of india.. like me in cochin played it, my friends from kolkatta, baroda, hyderabad.. man everywhere this game !!
of course iam assuming that all of u know what this game is if not , i'll breifly describe it 2 u,
[desc:have a table, ppl with pens , keep pens on table and keep hitting the pens at each other and knock them out (sort of like carroms)....]

neway this game gave me 1 good reason to goto school, i dont know which was the best part..
playing winning , destroying all thoose fucking pens which gave us trouble in exmas , evading teachers eyes ... the list goes on and every moment is too thrilling.

recently we've started playing it in our hostel, but unfortunately it does not have the same thrill like b4...
also we used to play in inclined tables which nullifies the adv of heavy pens, but my friends play in horizondal surfaces..not that good.
so if u havnt played it yet ..go play now->