Sunday, January 03, 2010

What's up in 2009

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Another spoke of the wheel has turned recently and we all celebrated the "New Year". This post has no real order in any sense chronological or otherwise, it's just a random collage of events and facts that shaped my life this year. And contrary to a lot of my other blog entries this one is not an eruption of any sort of frustration, it's just a flow of cool lava that somehow still miraculously remains liquid :P.

The current high point in my life was the trip to Zakopane the Winter capital of Poland. Unlike many people I am completely uninterested in places that have historical or artistic beauty. I just enjoy natural beauty and there always must be something to do so that I don't get bored, this might be the reason why I really enjoyed Zakopane, it was hand's down the best place I've been in Europe as of now. While the semi-tedious hike was exhausting, the view on the way was certainly refreshing and seemed to pump me with energy and the view on top of the mountain was certainly worth the harsh climb ! However, even the amazing hike paled in comparison the sheer joy I felt while skiing ! Moving fast is always a novelty for someone of my gravitational presence, and moving without friction accelerating at a rapid pace gives you a thrill that I have never found in any other sport. Of course falling down rolling and bouncing in the snow hurts like a bitch but then you think it was totally worth it and laugh it off. That is, till the nest day when you wake up hurting all over. :s Another reason for the complete success of the trip was the great company I had in my dormitory, the British-Irish family that stayed with us were not only incredibly fun, playing games like Mafia, Black-Jack etc but also spoke with one of the coolest accents I've heard that reminded me of Train-spotting. Maybe this trip deserved a whole post on it's own, but I am not a sucker for details so that's all I am typing.

Another big change in my life has been the amount of people I talk to everyday. While I was in Jena, Germany it ranged from 0,1 to 4-5 depending on whether I bunked classes or not. I spent most of my day and night playing MMORPGS, DOTA etc. or watching Anime or some other shit. However my life has certainly taken a change of axis in the complex plane between the real and the virtual life I led. Of course having English speakers in ones Hostel certainly had something to do with it, but it probably has something to do with the friends I've picked up over here as well. Bugging people in their rooms, talking, playing non-computer games etc. is remarkably similar to life I had in cmi hostel with some major differences. For one, the gaming is not computer based, for another there are girls all around unlike *shudder* cmi dorms in 2005-2008 and as I understand it, the situation now has changed somewhat. In spite of that I do miss people I could talk to without giving a flying fuck as to hurting feelings or reading emotions etc. Basically the Sheldon-ic lifestyle I led might have been enviable and certainly easier compared to the one right now, but I suppose everything has its own ups and downs.

Academically speaking.... wait wtf.. I don't want to talk about bs like that so never mind.

Big Bang theory has taken the cake in the TV series currently running. Sheldon continues to prove that he is the master. But Leonard once he stopped whining about Penny has become much more tolerable and recently really cool. Raj is the only Indian guy I've liked in an American TV series and he is quite good, episodes centered around him seem a lot funnier. Wolowitz-ed his best performance when he played the song for Bernatt-ed. Naruto has become really dissapointing but FMA, Bleach and Kekkaishi are getting great. I don't really want to talk about how bad HIMYM has gotten so fuck it. Haven't seen any great movie recently and Avatar was cool just because it was 3D and it's amazing computer generated reality.

Finally, I recommend Poland as a great place to enjoy your life. My "studies" are just described with quotes as all I really do here is find ways to annoy or excite people and spend time doing all sorts of cool shit. Warsaw is a good city to live in with a great nightlife, centers for all kinds of activities and a manageable crowd unlike London or Paris and above all really low living expenses. And from Warsaw trains are available to all other cities/towns in Poland for really low prices (especially night trains) like Zakopane, Sopot, Krakow, Gdansk etc. On top of all this Polish people are exceptionally tourist friendly, I've got free drinks in Pubs just because I am a foreigner ! This kind of thing is absolutely unimaginable elsewhere in Europe (at least it has never happened to me). I think they actually like having us here !

So thank you Poland, thank you Europe, and finally thank you Universe ... for existing, although that might be because of myself, so thank me, Cogito ergo sum.

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