Friday, March 16, 2007

Anime vs porn

Above I have written two of the greatest addictions of mine.While most people are likely to exclaim that anime can't compete with porn, i dont think so.

Here i would like to compare the various aspects in these two "fields"

1.Fictional aspect

Anime are almost always fictional.Sex stories and porn movies are no less fictional.However one big difference is that anime never claims it to non-fictional wheareas porn gives a kind of feel that it can happen to you tomorrow.


As i have said before I can be called a chauvinist and so I dont care what girls get out of watching porn , but boys generally get damn aroused and erect dicks which we use to shag and gain more pleasure.
Undoubtedly this is much better than the pleasure you get from watching any anime unless it is hentai/echchi which is again porn and brings us to the intersection of the two sets.

Intersection :
Hentai and echchi : echchi is erotic stuff which shows max boobs, whereas hentai is 3X or more porn in anime.You consider this, anime can compete with porn in pleasure as well.


If anyone sees porn with a good story line mail me at or comment here.

The anime plots are undoubtedly amazing and can compete with some of the best movies produced be it be in fantasy/action/drama/adventure/sci-fi/mystery you name it !

4.Scope for innovation

How much can you innovate in porn ? Of course this is constrained because of the fuckable items that exist. Girls come most naturally into the list (at least to me as I am straight fortunately/unfortunately), even if you are a gay/beastality intrested/alien /pedophile etc you still don't get much.

In anime you can do anything, draw anything , show anything.

Because of all these factors I find it more interesting to watch anime, i get bored easily
After being a pervert, I revert back to an anime fan.

All Hail anime.

For people who are sick of watching porn,
here i give you to adorn
anime that has been born;

In my order of preference : Naruto , Samurai X , Bleach , Full Metal Alchemist , Inu Yasha etc.

Almost all the episodes of Naruto and bleach are available on youtube.

Despite me having said all this I believe that porn is one of the basic necessities of mankind.
Of course there are exceptions to this like ravitej who are nothing but a minority in this vast universe of porn-maniacs.