Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Obel : a series of unfortunate events

He said " Let there be " and there was light,darkness and Obel.
(Note: this is just for some kind of poetic beauty and crap, I dont believe in Him.)

Of course for those of you who have not read asterix, the nickname may be mysterious.
Also when there are people for whom the name would suit more, why does people here call him so? Its out of habit of the owner of cecilia (forgive me if there is a spelling mistake) that I call him so, and his real name is long and tedious.

Any way, it all began when obel came onto the world. Obel could be described as far as my knowledge a rotating wheel, not a rolling stone.
He has specific passions but he rotates through them, and events occurred in the wheel of time at different velocities and this caused a breakdown....
Ironically, when the wheel had reached the point css and co. wanted it to be, the wheel had already rolled off. Of course most of this will not make sense to those of who, who don't know the circumstances and people involved. When I heard to where the events of movie-making (with the highly appreciated "hey dude, i am in love" dialogue) and et playing had converged, it seemed like an expected twist of fate. But then I expected css to have more mercy but then you could read "The last Act" from Obel's blog. (The link is to the right)
But then he has gained 'tsubasa' and is free to fly with the wind rather than being stuck up with a bunch of geeks and geezers. But undoubtedly just by looking at the slx's space usage by owners you can see what obel contributed to systems here.
All I can say is that (c)m(i) lost most of it's 'i' (i for for the complex and imaginative part) when obel flew off.