Sunday, April 20, 2008

From bad to worse... fate of the uni-verse

As thermodynamics hints at people with its mysterious abilities involving some shitty statistical jugglery , entropy always increases. Many people are annoyed with their hair, i say blame entropy and phucking physics. I never bother to comb because i know the state of my hair will eventually revert to high entropic glory(?). combing it just increases entropy of the universe even more... Enough with crap.

Lets get to the issue at hand, the problems with my that-what-will-not-be-named (guess why) institute. Initially it was a decent place; geeky but decent. On top of an office building in the middle of a city with just a floor with few rooms. It was weird but cool. Then they shifted to the middle of nowhere, and i mean NO WHERE as in "courage the cowardly dog" if u have seen it.

We still had flats in the city so we had to travel hours through dust filled potholes, my back still aches. At least we could watch films on weekends. Then we shifted completely over to nowhere. Now to get out of nowhere, ie to go somewhere you have to travel for hours. The food is not great in nowhere (now here @ no where ; my mallu side cudn't resist sorry). I think i already posted about all the new "rules" in our messy mess. All this was OK'ed..

Now look what they have done, having a separate impassable canteen right in the doorway exclusively for our "more educated" instructors and co. making us detour everyday and night !
If this was all a bogart I could say riddiculus !!! Putting T.V's on rooms where echoes are louder than sources and people play T.T. Asking fines @ 1% per day (if banks did this i would have been a banker). Threatening students who have got admissions elsewhere to give no marks so that they continue to be nowhere... And add to all the misery a bunch of bongs who think they're the best. u get worse everyday. (Bongs don't have "V" sound, they replace it by "B" so they think west bengal is best bengal , the bunch of bussy wastards). man i hate this universe. I hate even its name see "uni-worse" it will monotonically be worse.

However, luckily for me I am getting out of nowhere into somewhere and that somewhere is not unknown, its great, a quantum fluctuation in an otherwise fucked up world. But as I said its quantum, there is a probability that some #@!|#^ &)($#^ will keep me nowhere but it's small.

@ppl who read my blog, i've been been out of it for sometime but iam back !


Blogger Jayanth T N said...

You, darthpskozgerman, you. Poor Achal! (I could not resist!)

10:33 AM  
Blogger achal said...

poor indeed!

3:12 AM  
Blogger darthpsykoz said...

poor indeed indeed

3:00 AM  
Blogger darthpsykoz said...

9:52 PM  
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