Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Reservations in buses

if u think iam going to write bout railway ticket reservations ur wrong.
this is bout reservation for girls that iam writing bout.

at first all the "feminists" and other parties say that girls are better than guys or at least equal....
after this they say that they want reservations!
like imagine in most indian buses what happens. there are only a few seats and no: of passengers >>>> no: of seats => most ppl stand. (some even hang on through the window bars , amazing stunts)
in between all this they have half the seats reserved for girls!
even though the guy may hav been there 4 like 1/2 an hour ..its useless the girls who just came gets seats (aah my blood is pounding!)
looking at all this injustice i wonder y guys dont hold some hartals and stuff which they hold 4 everything in life!
of course there might be valid reasons for this as iam sure ppl like anirbit will tell, but wtf this's my blog and i'll write what i feel.
lastly forget the buses even in all the bloody ciniema theaters they hav privileges...everywhere they hav advantages!fuk!!!i hate them all !

with this i declare myself a chauvanist and henceforth all girls fcuk off!