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The idea of weatherman came up when I was trying to explain to a friend how the idea of free will might just be an illusion. Anyway, Weatherman is an entity that basically decides every weather related thing in this world. His will causes storms, cyclones, rain, snow, clear sky, thunder, you name it! Now, of course weatherman also is omnipresent in the atmosphere and observes the actions of all living and non-living things in it. Even the flight of an innocent butterfly can affect weatherman enough to cause a storm elsewhere. (also known as the butterfly effect :P). So the ultimate question that I propose is : Assuming the existence of weatherman, does he posses a "free will" ?? Or is his every action the only possible outcome based on his state and his interaction with the world? I still have not exactly defined "free will", and I guess that is a harder task that I had anticipated. So I guess I will call it the ability to make a non definite markovian decision.

Of course, we all know that all weather patterns are determined by the state of the atmosphere and it is unpredictable just due to chaos, hence you could say that, weatherman has really no free will. The illusion of free will comes from the fact that you can't exactly predict his next move. Is it the same with us humans? Is not the senses of a human like the pressure waves exerted on the air by the butterfly ? Is every action we do determined by our genes, our body structure and the environment? So do we have free will ? If you have read so far, and think your lives are just useless and you guys are just complex machines and have the urge to suicide, i suggest you refer to my section on suiciding for innovative methods to do so.

The only thing that can bring in an element of randomness to this seemingly stale and deterministic life is Quantum mechanics and I hope for all our sakes that it plays a significant part in brain chemistry or else we have to live with the fact that there is a non-opposable "fate".

If you wonder then, of what is the answer to this complex question, I can tell you the answer but I have no idea what it means. ..42 !


Blogger Jayanth T N said...

Curiously, "All straight-line gravity trains on a given planet take exactly the same amount of time to complete a journey (that is, no matter where on the surface the two endpoints of its trajectory are located). For Earth, this time would equal 2530.30 seconds (nearly 42.2 minutes) if it were a perfect sphere." - from

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Vineeth S Varma said...

lol jayanth whats the connection ?
42 minutes? :p

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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