Saturday, January 27, 2007

Why I hate this new campus

Although the causes for this new frustration are so much that it can't all be put in one post, i'll try to do my best in giving justice to the topic.
We can divide the causes into :


status: repairable

Although initially the food seemed gr8, now its dull. The main reason is that there is no bloody non-veg!
I have no idea if my institute has suddenly decided to interfere with the eating habits, neway we seem to have no chance of eating non-veg here.


status : partly repairable

Life itself has become centered around the comp-lab; even sleeping in the afternoons or even at night has become impossible because of the constant banging and other work going on
my institute plans to have a football and cricket ground afterwhich the situation may slightly improve.However things like movies , hotels even banking are all disturbed because of ...

Fucking Distance
status : irrepairable

my institute is like 20-30 km away from the city and is inside some fucking shitty roaded IT hole, where the it companies dont even alow u to use their banks (suckers)

Waking Up?
status : ????

Besides all this my institute is interfering in the one thing that made my institute look good ; sleep.
Since it is insisting that breakfast will be served only till 9 am (damn) , we because of the 20 ruppee loss if we dont have it, have it => sleep loss => efficiency loss => quality loss => my institute is gonna be screwed