Saturday, August 26, 2006

Why should people suicide?

Iam sure that none in their rite minds wud agree with me, but well who says iam rite in the mind?
neway this post is to reason out why people shud commit suicide.
of course iam not asking all of you to do it... but i feel that those of who you are unsatisfied with life should defn do it.
there is nothing holy or precious about life.some may say that if i kill a person "gamman" can you bring him back?life can never be given only taken .... a load of such crap.
and y is it crap? cos , i can draw some shit on a piece of paper, and tell that its priceless cos you cant reproduce it,
similiarly life comes when a guy meets a girl and draws stuff on her (body and soul?) to create a piece of human life which none can reproduce, but is shit and is you, me and every1 else....

so u c, ur nothing special, if u feel like dying go ahead do it!
if u prefer voilence and is a masochist try cutting veins, hanging, etc.. or try poison if u want it clean.
of course a lot of countries like india ban suicide! (riddikkulus!!!)
i mean the poor guy wanted to suicide cos he was unhappy and then they arrest him for trying to end his miserable life?isnt ur life ur own? u can live it or destroy it.

ALL that matters is pleasure if u think ur life is not pleasurable enuf.. go and die man!