Friday, February 09, 2007


Some people wonder
why i plunder
their works of 'art'
pierced by my dart

do they make shit?
they dont have wit
some people quit
due to anirbit?

is not bloging for fun?
then why do they run?
do they get the pun?
fuck, they are none

Some people do it fine
each and every line
others are in wine
but never really mine

some talk jargon
words flames from a dragon
phoenix burning and cragon
words in a wagon

they think they're great.
they carry much weight
but now they have taken the bait;
for i have the supreme weight*!

*meet me personally to check my claim
Thanx to the incorrigible_introvert (the patner of *) at blogspot who inspired darth to do this work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we all know who this blog is targeted at!!

at the one,
stupider than a nun,

who stops to write,
becoz of a fite
what shite!!!

11:49 PM  

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