Friday, December 24, 2010


The idea of weatherman came up when I was trying to explain to a friend how the idea of free will might just be an illusion. Anyway, Weatherman is an entity that basically decides every weather related thing in this world. His will causes storms, cyclones, rain, snow, clear sky, thunder, you name it! Now, of course weatherman also is omnipresent in the atmosphere and observes the actions of all living and non-living things in it. Even the flight of an innocent butterfly can affect weatherman enough to cause a storm elsewhere. (also known as the butterfly effect :P). So the ultimate question that I propose is : Assuming the existence of weatherman, does he posses a "free will" ?? Or is his every action the only possible outcome based on his state and his interaction with the world? I still have not exactly defined "free will", and I guess that is a harder task that I had anticipated. So I guess I will call it the ability to make a non definite markovian decision.

Of course, we all know that all weather patterns are determined by the state of the atmosphere and it is unpredictable just due to chaos, hence you could say that, weatherman has really no free will. The illusion of free will comes from the fact that you can't exactly predict his next move. Is it the same with us humans? Is not the senses of a human like the pressure waves exerted on the air by the butterfly ? Is every action we do determined by our genes, our body structure and the environment? So do we have free will ? If you have read so far, and think your lives are just useless and you guys are just complex machines and have the urge to suicide, i suggest you refer to my section on suiciding for innovative methods to do so.

The only thing that can bring in an element of randomness to this seemingly stale and deterministic life is Quantum mechanics and I hope for all our sakes that it plays a significant part in brain chemistry or else we have to live with the fact that there is a non-opposable "fate".

If you wonder then, of what is the answer to this complex question, I can tell you the answer but I have no idea what it means. ..42 !

Sunday, January 03, 2010

What's up in 2009

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Another spoke of the wheel has turned recently and we all celebrated the "New Year". This post has no real order in any sense chronological or otherwise, it's just a random collage of events and facts that shaped my life this year. And contrary to a lot of my other blog entries this one is not an eruption of any sort of frustration, it's just a flow of cool lava that somehow still miraculously remains liquid :P.

The current high point in my life was the trip to Zakopane the Winter capital of Poland. Unlike many people I am completely uninterested in places that have historical or artistic beauty. I just enjoy natural beauty and there always must be something to do so that I don't get bored, this might be the reason why I really enjoyed Zakopane, it was hand's down the best place I've been in Europe as of now. While the semi-tedious hike was exhausting, the view on the way was certainly refreshing and seemed to pump me with energy and the view on top of the mountain was certainly worth the harsh climb ! However, even the amazing hike paled in comparison the sheer joy I felt while skiing ! Moving fast is always a novelty for someone of my gravitational presence, and moving without friction accelerating at a rapid pace gives you a thrill that I have never found in any other sport. Of course falling down rolling and bouncing in the snow hurts like a bitch but then you think it was totally worth it and laugh it off. That is, till the nest day when you wake up hurting all over. :s Another reason for the complete success of the trip was the great company I had in my dormitory, the British-Irish family that stayed with us were not only incredibly fun, playing games like Mafia, Black-Jack etc but also spoke with one of the coolest accents I've heard that reminded me of Train-spotting. Maybe this trip deserved a whole post on it's own, but I am not a sucker for details so that's all I am typing.

Another big change in my life has been the amount of people I talk to everyday. While I was in Jena, Germany it ranged from 0,1 to 4-5 depending on whether I bunked classes or not. I spent most of my day and night playing MMORPGS, DOTA etc. or watching Anime or some other shit. However my life has certainly taken a change of axis in the complex plane between the real and the virtual life I led. Of course having English speakers in ones Hostel certainly had something to do with it, but it probably has something to do with the friends I've picked up over here as well. Bugging people in their rooms, talking, playing non-computer games etc. is remarkably similar to life I had in cmi hostel with some major differences. For one, the gaming is not computer based, for another there are girls all around unlike *shudder* cmi dorms in 2005-2008 and as I understand it, the situation now has changed somewhat. In spite of that I do miss people I could talk to without giving a flying fuck as to hurting feelings or reading emotions etc. Basically the Sheldon-ic lifestyle I led might have been enviable and certainly easier compared to the one right now, but I suppose everything has its own ups and downs.

Academically speaking.... wait wtf.. I don't want to talk about bs like that so never mind.

Big Bang theory has taken the cake in the TV series currently running. Sheldon continues to prove that he is the master. But Leonard once he stopped whining about Penny has become much more tolerable and recently really cool. Raj is the only Indian guy I've liked in an American TV series and he is quite good, episodes centered around him seem a lot funnier. Wolowitz-ed his best performance when he played the song for Bernatt-ed. Naruto has become really dissapointing but FMA, Bleach and Kekkaishi are getting great. I don't really want to talk about how bad HIMYM has gotten so fuck it. Haven't seen any great movie recently and Avatar was cool just because it was 3D and it's amazing computer generated reality.

Finally, I recommend Poland as a great place to enjoy your life. My "studies" are just described with quotes as all I really do here is find ways to annoy or excite people and spend time doing all sorts of cool shit. Warsaw is a good city to live in with a great nightlife, centers for all kinds of activities and a manageable crowd unlike London or Paris and above all really low living expenses. And from Warsaw trains are available to all other cities/towns in Poland for really low prices (especially night trains) like Zakopane, Sopot, Krakow, Gdansk etc. On top of all this Polish people are exceptionally tourist friendly, I've got free drinks in Pubs just because I am a foreigner ! This kind of thing is absolutely unimaginable elsewhere in Europe (at least it has never happened to me). I think they actually like having us here !

So thank you Poland, thank you Europe, and finally thank you Universe ... for existing, although that might be because of myself, so thank me, Cogito ergo sum.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ze Germans vs Mallus

Fucking power cuts and traffic blocks are pissing me off !
Stupid girls that are all corrupted by religion , even worse society ...aah
And Ballack scores in free kick (vs austria, euro2008)!! , iam shifting from being the big fat mallu to be darthpsyko z german! ha !

ps: this sux too !!! i hate this place ! (or do i?)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

From bad to worse... fate of the uni-verse

As thermodynamics hints at people with its mysterious abilities involving some shitty statistical jugglery , entropy always increases. Many people are annoyed with their hair, i say blame entropy and phucking physics. I never bother to comb because i know the state of my hair will eventually revert to high entropic glory(?). combing it just increases entropy of the universe even more... Enough with crap.

Lets get to the issue at hand, the problems with my that-what-will-not-be-named (guess why) institute. Initially it was a decent place; geeky but decent. On top of an office building in the middle of a city with just a floor with few rooms. It was weird but cool. Then they shifted to the middle of nowhere, and i mean NO WHERE as in "courage the cowardly dog" if u have seen it.

We still had flats in the city so we had to travel hours through dust filled potholes, my back still aches. At least we could watch films on weekends. Then we shifted completely over to nowhere. Now to get out of nowhere, ie to go somewhere you have to travel for hours. The food is not great in nowhere (now here @ no where ; my mallu side cudn't resist sorry). I think i already posted about all the new "rules" in our messy mess. All this was OK'ed..

Now look what they have done, having a separate impassable canteen right in the doorway exclusively for our "more educated" instructors and co. making us detour everyday and night !
If this was all a bogart I could say riddiculus !!! Putting T.V's on rooms where echoes are louder than sources and people play T.T. Asking fines @ 1% per day (if banks did this i would have been a banker). Threatening students who have got admissions elsewhere to give no marks so that they continue to be nowhere... And add to all the misery a bunch of bongs who think they're the best. u get worse everyday. (Bongs don't have "V" sound, they replace it by "B" so they think west bengal is best bengal , the bunch of bussy wastards). man i hate this universe. I hate even its name see "uni-worse" it will monotonically be worse.

However, luckily for me I am getting out of nowhere into somewhere and that somewhere is not unknown, its great, a quantum fluctuation in an otherwise fucked up world. But as I said its quantum, there is a probability that some #@!|#^ &)($#^ will keep me nowhere but it's small.

@ppl who read my blog, i've been been out of it for sometime but iam back !

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Obel : a series of unfortunate events

He said " Let there be " and there was light,darkness and Obel.
(Note: this is just for some kind of poetic beauty and crap, I dont believe in Him.)

Of course for those of you who have not read asterix, the nickname may be mysterious.
Also when there are people for whom the name would suit more, why does people here call him so? Its out of habit of the owner of cecilia (forgive me if there is a spelling mistake) that I call him so, and his real name is long and tedious.

Any way, it all began when obel came onto the world. Obel could be described as far as my knowledge a rotating wheel, not a rolling stone.
He has specific passions but he rotates through them, and events occurred in the wheel of time at different velocities and this caused a breakdown....
Ironically, when the wheel had reached the point css and co. wanted it to be, the wheel had already rolled off. Of course most of this will not make sense to those of who, who don't know the circumstances and people involved. When I heard to where the events of movie-making (with the highly appreciated "hey dude, i am in love" dialogue) and et playing had converged, it seemed like an expected twist of fate. But then I expected css to have more mercy but then you could read "The last Act" from Obel's blog. (The link is to the right)
But then he has gained 'tsubasa' and is free to fly with the wind rather than being stuck up with a bunch of geeks and geezers. But undoubtedly just by looking at the slx's space usage by owners you can see what obel contributed to systems here.
All I can say is that (c)m(i) lost most of it's 'i' (i for for the complex and imaginative part) when obel flew off.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rurouni Kenshin aka Hitokiri Battosai

Announcement: From this post onwards several of my posts will be about some of my best loved anime/manga

In English, this anime is called "Samurai X". It contains 3 OVA's , a movie and an anime series.
It describes the life of a feared assassin in Japan who killed hundreds in the Toko-Gawa regime and then repents. In the anime, he lives as a wanderer who uses a reverse edged sword so that he does not kill his opponent. The fighting sequences are just amazing and sometimes gives you goosebumps. The emotional depth of the characters portrayed are just beyond that in any real movie I have seen. The drama and the action is just superb and is above all others.
Of course anime like Naruto and FMA have sometimes better action sequences, however the combination of drama into the action takes it into a realistic level.

Undoubtedly, this is one anime that changed my life and my perception of it.
There are very few anime, movies and books that managed to do this, and I'll write posts for each of them.

For details on the plot and the anime look here.
To watch; You can look in the LAN ( only in my institute) or download by torrent. Else hope for animax to air it again.